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Snowman Holding Snow Globe - LAYERED PSD! Snowglobe Snowman - Snow Globe - Funny Holiday Christmas Digital Background / Backdrop

Layered PSD Santa Holding Snow Globe with Free Tutorial
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Product Details

Snowman Holding a Snow Globe by Tara Mapes of Enchanted Eye Creations ®.

This is a Christmas digital background of Bear Holding a Snow Globe, it MUST be used in the full version of Photoshop.

Globe Layered PSD TUTORIAL/DEMO VIDEO HERE-----> This is a tutorial for another globe but the same technique applies with two different masking options

This is a Christmas digital background of Santa Holding a Snow Globe. It is to be used in Photoshop.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.

The PSD you will just drop your child's picture below the glass layer as shown in the tutorial at the top of the listing.

The model shown in the first image is for illustration purposes only and is NOT included.

Read the description of each listing carefully before purchasing.


***These digital backgrounds *do not* come with a license to be printed as physical/fabric backdrops.

***Please read the entire description prior to purchasing

***This is a digital product intended for you to use for a professional photography photography composite and/or personal use only.

It can be provided to your photography clients after you insert your subject, but it cannot be resold as a background in whole or in part.

This image must be altered by you before you can share it. This means you cannot post it without your subject included. You cannot post a blank version with just your watermark. You MUST include your subject ANY time you post. This protects my image from being stolen.



What you CAN do:
You can provide the image to your photography clients after you’ve personally taken their picture and added them to the image.

What you CAN’T DO:

***You cannot redistribute or resell this image as a background, in any printed or digital merchandise, as stock or any other item for resale or sale.

***Even if you add something to it—you cannot sell it as your own background on Etsy or similar sites.
***You cannot offer to edit someone in as part of an editing service or online group.
***You cannot send it to someone else to add you or anyone else in it for you. I offer this service.
***You cannot use in tutorials.
***You cannot post online without your subject or watermark.
***You cannot enter into contests, magazines or other exhibits.
***You also cannot share the original digital file with someone else, even if it is your own photographer.
***Sharing the file is strictly prohibited.
***ALL of these things violate my copyright and/or license.

I will not held liable for any claims/damage as a result of using my products. It is your responsibility to inspect, zoom in and test print your final images both digital and print, closely before showing or selling to your photography clients.

******************************Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds-- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.***********************************************

These backgrounds may not be used in contests, photo exhibitions, magazine submissions or any other content/exhibit or similar without express written permission from Tara Mapes.


All listings come with a standard license only. I do not offer extended licensing or enhanced licensing on my backgrounds. My backgrounds may not be used commercially in any format in any product (ie books, tangible products, digital e-books etc) other than photos for your photography clients.***THE MODEL/S and/or CHILD/REN are NOT included***

PRINTING LICENSE: None of these digital files come with a license to print these files as fabric backdrops. You can only purchase fabric backdrops of my images through Snobby Drops at
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