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It is always an honor to be covered by a third party who finds my work interesting enough to be featured.

The talent in this world is extraordinary. It's like being part of the world's museum of artists, hanging near Magrittes, Caravaggios and Quarleses and someone stops to take a second glance at my work. It is truly an honor.

 Read what others think of my work below. 


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Professional Photographers of America (PPA) 

Circle of Creativity

Tara Mapes has never been interested in doing traditional photography. Her inspirations trend toward ornate, richly imagined scenes that evoke childhood memories and reinterpretations of fantastic more



Tara Mapes

Ever scroll through your Facebook feed and stop only to find an image so interesting, you need to know the story behind it? That’s exactly what happened to me when I found a post by photographer and artist Tara more

The Milky Way

Growing up in nature with a mom who inspired and nurtured her creativity, Tara has developed a signature style as a fine art photographer that has clients clamoring for her more

The Importance of Checking in with Your Inner Child